Thanks for stopping by. There’s not much to see here yet. Sorry about that! I’ll get around to doing something with this at some point, which frankly is something I say about a lot of things, so it would be fair of you to assume I’m full of shit! I’m okay with that!


You’re probably wondering what you can expect out of this place. A fair question, I’m glad you asked!

For the most part, I’ll probably use this to randomly store thoughts, ideas and neat shit in games I’m playing. That probably means a lot of Warframe (though fair warning, I’m on a bit of a hiatus as of the writing of this), Destiny 2, whatever random other things I come across.

I won’t be breaking any news, or probably saying anything very interesting at all! I’m also very bad at selling myself, clearly!


Is this long enough to make my home page seem a little substantial? Yeah? Cool, good good.