Free Ballot for the 2020 Academy Awards

I found myself pretty unsatisfied with all of the ballots I found online for tonight’s show, so I made my own.

It bothers me that ballots usually only name the films being nominated and leave out the names of the artists responsible for the nomination itself. As it turns out, there’s a reason why! It’s extremely difficult to fit all that shit onto a single page!

That said, I think I did an admirable enough job here. I waffled a bit on order of appearance. What should be listed first: the artist or the film? I opted to stick to artist names first in the acting, directing and writing categories, but decided on listing the film first elsewhere just for the sake of sanity.

Speaking of lists, I noticed on other ballots that there doesn’t seem to be any real rhyme or reason to the order in which the awards are listed, with the exception of Best Picture being listed first universally.

Admittedly to a degree the order changed a bit as I put this together to account for longer categories (like Production Design for example, none of which could fit on a single line). That said, I feel comfortable with the organization I settled on, and took a little pleasure in listing the women ahead of the men, which you never see.

Final note: When it comes to the smaller categories, particularly in years where I have not been diligent in following the races and seeing all of the nominees, I often find myself wanting to at least make a guess on the potential winner of, say, Best Live Action Short, with at least a little knowledge of what the film is about. For that reason, I decided to include synopses of all the nominated films on the reverse of the document. I pulled all the synopses from the Academy’s website so yell at them if something sounds off.

Update: My original ballot had best actress and best supporting actress nominees swapped. I regret the error!